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Dalkey Family Home (Back Garden)

A garden for an active family was in need of a revamp and some direction in design. Located in Dalkey, the garden was situated on a hill and sloped towards the house. A dining area was needed and a general overhaul in time for a family celebration.

A swing set was kept in situ on the left-hand side but situated on an elevated area which could become a dining area in the future. Planting in the raised beds hugging the wall along the top left reflected the owners desire to learn more about gardening.


The trampoline was underplanted with ornamental grasses and ferns to soften the view from the house and vegetable beds were included in the patio area at the side of the house. 


Dalkey Family Home (Front Garden)

The brief for the front garden was more functional with a narrow driveway which was flanked by a short wall making it difficult to use. The space was widened and paved with a terracotta toned paver to compliment the redbrick house. A mix of evergreen and deciduous trees were included along the wall to provide visual interest from the front living room.

A new set of stairs were added to the steep entrance of the dwelling with handrails for additional security. Planters were also included to connect the designs both back and front.

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