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We deliver workshops in schools, community centres and on-site at allotments and community gardens. This is what you will learn about during a workshop:



  • How to grow vegetables from seed

  • Crop rotational plans

  • Pests and diseases

  • How to identify weeds

  • Composting masterclass

  • Feeding your crops

  • How to design an allotment

  • How to forage for food in the wild

The Workshops are 1-5 days long.


Suitable for all ages from primary school up to the active retirement.


Ideal group size 10 - 15.


Price: 1 day €30/person or 5 days €20/person/day


Give us a call if you have any queries about our workshops and if you would like to book a course:

A selection of some delicious crops you can grow with ease. Including sweetcorn, cucumbers, peas and of course our namesake rhubarb!

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